Not sure if your child is meeting their milestones?

Developmental assessments. Our child psychologist can provide full developmental assessments. This involves looking at your child's gross motor, fine motor, personal-social, language, and performance and practical reasoning skills. The tool we use to do this is the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS and GMDS-ER).

Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We can assess for Autism Spectrum Disorder in infants using tools such as the ADOS 2, ASRS, CARS & ADI-R.

Sleep Problems & Bedtime Routines. A child psychologist can assist assist you and your child with sleep-onset and sleep waking problems.

Toileting Problems. We can assist you and your child with toilet training and with wetting and soiling issues.

New Sibling Problems. A clinical psychologist can help your child adjust to a new baby arriving. 

​Challenging Behaviour. We can assist you and your child with temper tantrums and challenging behaviour. We can also write comprehensive behaviour management plans 







assessment, diagnosis and therapy  babies to adults

concerned about your own well-being or family?

Anxiety, Stress and Worry. We can support you when you are experiencing stress, worry and anxiety such as social, generalised, specific, performance and work anxiety.

Depression. ​We can support you when you are feeling sad or down, lacking energy and enthusiasm, feeling unmotivated, and not enjoying experiences as much as you would like.  

​Support for Workplace Difficulties. We can support you with work stress, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, time management, procrastination, and work place bullying.

Family Focus. We can support families with children where one or both of the parents have a mental illness.

Babies, Infants 


Early CHildhood

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We are currently not taking new patients. Our director Jasmine Koretz is on extended Maternity Leave until approximately March 2019. Please check back here for updates on our reopening.

concerned about your child's learning, behaviour, social, or emotional well-being?

Cognitive/IQ/intellectual disability & Learning Assessments. We provide cognitive/IQ and learning assessments. Tools we use include the WPPSI-IV, WISC-IV, SB5, WIAT, ABAS-II.

Adaptive Functioning. We provide assessment of your child's adaptive functioning (e.g., communication, academics, self-direction, leisure, social, motor, self-care, health and safety, and home living skills). We also use behaviour modification techniques and ABA to teach new skills and behaviour. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder. We can assess for ASD in childhood and adolescence.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

We can assess for ADHD. We use tools such as the Conner's III, IQ/academic testing, and clinical observation.

Challenging and Oppositional Behaviour. We can assist you and your child with behaviour such as noncompliance, temper tantrums, angry and resentful behaviour.

Anxiety and Worry. We can assist your child with worry and anxiety such as social anxiety, selective mutism, school refusal, separation anxiety, specific phobia.

Low Self-esteem & Low Mood 

We can assist your child when they are lacking confidence, not enjoying activities they used to, feeling sad or down, unmotivated and irritable

​​Social Difficulties. We can assist your child with social difficulties and managing bullying.